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You are invited to join us for walks, take part in theatre workshops, attend complimentary meals and contribute your voice as we answer the following questions:

What form does the flood take for you?

How will you create your ark?

What would you take with you?

What should we leave behind?

On the 6th of April, we would also like you to join us at The Crucible for a special performance that features the voices of people from across the city as they answer these questions. 


Join us for special meals at Blend Kitchen, SADACCA, Foodhall, and Heeley City Farm.

3 March - 4 April


Join us as we walk through the city and explore the sights and sounds.

16 March


Listen to one-another in a series of specially recorded two-by-two conversations.

2 April


Act together in forum theatre and site-specific performance workshops.

6 and-12 March


Bring ideas into physical form at SADACCA's G-Mill with Resolve Collective.

29 March - 4 April

Assemble at The Crucible

6 April 

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