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The flood is coming...

for some,  it has happened...

for others, it is happening now...

what is ark?


ark is an artist-led community engagement project about climate change. It seeks to open-up a conversation in which participants can safely explore hopes, fears, and solutions to our ecological crisis. ark draws upon ‘conversation’ as a way of challenging fixed and often abstract understandings of climate change. It sees conversation as a way of fostering relationships, building solidarity, and creating an empowering basis for action that is relevant to our local context.


together in the city


Over the next few weeks we will be working with people across the city of Sheffield to speculate on how we may live together in the face of a planetary crisis that is collective, but unevenly experienced. How might we find ways not just to survive, but to thrive?  As part of this, we will co-host a series of shared meals that allow for conversation to grow and friendships to form. People will be invited to share the places they live, their hopes, fears, and strategies for creating a better world.


Conversations will ripple across the city.

We will imagine and build things together.

We will take things apart.

ark sheffield will culminate in a mass assembly at The Crucible on 6th April as part of Sheffield Theatres’ Together in the City. Voices will take to the stage, as we listen and travel with them into lives, find resonances, and weave together possibilities for being with one another…

lead creatives

Tom Payne  (Sheffield Hallam University / Doppelgangster)

Julia Udall (Sheffield Hallam University / Studio Polpo) 

Alex De Little (Goldsmiths University) 

project assistants

Zamira Bushaj  (Sheffield Hallam University) 

Charlie Thorpe (Sheffield Hallam University) 

Sima Sheibani (Freelance artist)


Becky Payne  

exhibition technician

Anton Hecht 

blend kitchen 

Charlotte Lynch (Front of House)

Chris Hanson (Founder and Creative Director)

Davina Hartelbury (Volunteer Front of House)

Issy Alderton (Front of House Manager)

John Welsh (Volunteer Chef)

Justin Rowntree (Business Mentor and Consultant

Lee Shaher (Head Chef)

Sandra Mcleod (Chef de Partie)

Simon Clark (Second Chef)


Philip Charles 

Jason Alston


Krysia Williams (Community Food Organiser) 

Rose (Events Organiser) 

Liah Edwardes (Freelance Artist) 

heeley city farm 

Sue Pearson (Chief Executive

Suazanna Lancaster (HAF Coordinator)

open kitchen social club 

Ian Nesbitt

resolve collective 

Akil Scafe-Smith (Director) 

Seth Scafe-Smith (Director) 

Celine Topsakal (Project Assistant)


Llewellyn Alphonso Cawley (Volunteer)

Rob Cotterell (Chairman)

Olivier Tsemo (CEO)

sheffield city of sanctuary 

Philip Charles 

Jason Alston

sheffield hallam university 

Tim Machin (Gallery Manager)

Christy Naylor ( )

Kate Philp (Senior Administrator)

Anna Ryan (Research and Innovation Officer) 

sheffield theatres 

Carrie Askew (Deputy Communications Manager)

Nick Greenhill (Head of Sound)

Emily Hutchinson (Creative Projects Manager)

Dawn Richmond-Gordon (Participant-Coordinator)

Lucy Smith-Jones (Multimedia Producer)

John Tomlinson (Producer)

Carys Thomas (Community Engagement Assistant)

Sally Wilson (Project Manager)

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