ark sheffield

ark sheffield is a city-wide conversation about climate change, launched in 2022 with participatory activities throughout March, leading to a large-scale event at The Crucible on 6th April as part of Together in The City. 


How is an ark a way of talking about climate change?

The story of people creating a boat to save themselves from a flood resonates across cultures and histories, past and present. In our time of unprecedented climate emergency, the flood is not the same for all people. For some, it is sea level rise. For others, it could be economic uncertainty or displacement. It could be many things...

How are we doing it?

Over the next few weeks a group of not-for-profit food organisations, artists, community organisers, and academics from Sheffield Hallam University are teaming up with Sheffield Theatres to explore the following questions through a series of warm and welcoming meals, workshops, and public events. 

What form does the flood take for you?
How will you create your ark?
What would you take with you?
What should we leave behind?

What can you do?

You are invited to join us for walks, take part in theatre workshops, attend complimentary meals (with Blend Kitchen, SADACCA, Foodhall, Heeley City Farm, Open Kitchen Social Club and Sheffield City of Sanctuary), and contribute your voice as we answer these questions. On the 6th of April, we would like you to join us at The Crucible Theatre for a special performance that features the voices of people from across the city. All activities, meals and events are free to attend.